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“The only way to really create is to look beyond what the eyes can see. When the right combination of love and imagination is applied something really beautiful is formed”.

From a very early age Symone had a passion to create and to create from the heart. She spent many hours re-decorating her room and designing her own clothing. This led to the natural progression in attending Ryerson University for Fashion design. After graduating in 2012 and 5 years experience in the Women’s fashion industry she felt there was something missing. Boii Home Décor Hand Crafted was founded - an environmentally conscious and sustainable home décor brand with a Bohemian cultured heart.  These elements are evident in each unique design incorporating re-cycled fabrics and hand crafted features.

Symones design philosophy truly expresses an organic creativity that allows each piece its own uniqueness and adds something quite special in the making of any house a home.

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Boii believes in a minimal waste philosophy. Any left over pieces of material is incorporated into another product. All products are made from as many repurposed, recycled and re-used materials as possible.